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Free T-Shirt!!!

July Teaching Series

We are giving a free shirt to the first person to post the answer to the bonus question for this week’s Reflection Questions!!!  If you forgot to pick up the reflection questions we passed out at the end of SHIFT on Sunday here they are: (The Bonus question is at the bottom.

1.  If humility is a requirement of following Jesus, do you think Christians today meet that requirement? What does a humble Christian look like?  Do you see such people at CityChurch and Shift?  Do you see yourself as humble?

2.  Jesus called Simon Peter to follow Him and said He would make Him a fisher of men. (Luke 5:10)  Read Matthew 28:16-20.  Do you think Jesus’ call to Peter and to the other disciples is the same call He has for you?  Why or why not?

3.  Andy talked this weekend about how Simon Peter had to STOP, DROP, and COMMIT.  What do you need to stop this week?  In what ways will you “drop” aka humble yourself before Jesus this week?  What is Jesus calling you to commit to this week?

4. This was the last talk of our series Jesus: The Most Interesting Man In The World.  We looked at Jesus  turning water into wine (John 2:1-11), healing a demon possessed man (Mark 1:21-28), healing a bleeding woman & raising to life a dead girl (Mark 5:21-43), curing the leprous men (Luke 17:11-19) , and calling ordinary men to initiate His kingdom movement (Luke 5:1-11).  How did you grow through this series?

Bonus Question: What is the verse reference or the verse quotation of the verse that has been posted to the reflection question sheets the past 4 weeks?



Big Hairy Audacious FAITH

July Teaching Series

Personal Reflection Question:

This weekend, Chris talked about having big hairy audacious FAITH and how we can reevaluate what it means to have faith in Jesus.  Chris took us through the story of Jesus’ first miracle where Mary (Jesus’ mom) displayed faith in her Son.  Can you think of a time in your life where your faith in Christ, went beyond mental belief and into action?  A time where you acted simply on trust in Jesus? Explain.

I remember the weekend I sat down at a weekend service here at CityChurch and opened the program to see what was going on at the church.  One of the blurbs in the program said the church was hiring for an administrative assistant and that’s when I “heard” God.  I was supposed to apply for the job.  In fact, whatever I was feeling at the moment was so strong it was telling me that job was already mine.  All I had to do was apply.  

I always feel strange telling this story to people cause at some level it feels egotistical; as if I was bragging about my superior experience with God.  But, in all honesty, each time I go back to that moment I haven’t been able to change the details of the story.  It was my big hairy audacious FAITH moment.  You see, I had just gone through a REALLY, REALLY tough time in my life.  Wait, tough isn’t the right word.  I was recovering from a destructively massive atomic failure in my life.  And I was just barely crawling out of it.  After a period of self-imposed unemployment, I was three months into a new job and that new job was providing a perfect schedule for me to go to school during the day.  That itself had seemed an answer to prayer and was giving me some needed stability in my life.  

That’s why I new that what Jesus was asking me to do (apply for the job) was a sketchy thing personally.  I knew it meant a pay cut.  I knew it meant my ability to finish school would become uncertain.  I knew it wouldn’t offer me the hours I needed.  There were these and a lot of other reasons I did not need to apply for the job.  But I feel so far in my life I can look back at that moment as a water into wine moment for me.  It was a decision “beyond mental belief” for me.  It was a decision where I “acted simply on trust in Jesus.”  And while part of me was scared to make the decision to even apply, I can’t tell you how OKAY and secure I felt once I did.  

And since taking the job I can’t stand here and say that everything has been easy, but I can say that Jesus has been faithful.  He’s extended me grace in ways that I didn’t think possible and continues to bless me even when faced with my shortcomings.  And even when recent events remind me that life can be patently unfair, Jesus has not only reminded me of His faithfulness in His Word, but gently points back to where He’s brought me from.

the Best for Last

July Teaching Series

“A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!”  John 2:10

Personal Reflection Question:

Jesus didn’t just miraculously make wine; He made the best wine.  What does that say about who Jesus was?  What does that say about what Jesus can do in us?

If you keep reading in verse 11 the scripture says that this was his first “miraculous sign”.  The use of the word sign is used specifically here and sheds light on the significance of Jesus’ first miracle.  The signs John is referring to are the miracles (see vv. 6–10; 4:47–50; 6:13; 9:1–7) that pointed directly to Jesus’ identity as Messiah and Son of God and lead unbelievers to faith.  So when Jesus turned water into wine he was, through a miracle, packing TONS of imagery, symbolism and meaning to convey who he really was: our Savior.  

In scripture wine (but never drunkenness) was a sign of joy and God’s blessing (Prov. 3:10Matt. 26:29).  And they had run out of it.  On a historical level, the running out of wine could have symbolized the spiritual drought of 1st century Judaism.  Approximately 300 years had passed since the last book of the Old Testament and while God never left, biblically it was considered a dry spell.  When Jesus made the wine he was declaring that something new was about to happen and God’s time to fulfill His covenant with His people had arrived.

But when Jesus changed the water into wine he was also demonstrating what He could do in you and me.  What he could do in us.  He was demonstrating His ability to take what was ordinary and make it extraordinary.  He was showing that when we place our faith in Him he changes our function.  No longer are we water filled jars made to accumulate the dirt of life, but vessels of God’s blessing pouring out the best he has to offer.

I started thinking about the qualities of a good wine and some of the best wines are the ones that have been properly aged.  And it made me think of God’s patience with us.  He waits, cares and provides for us even in the dark cellars of life.  It’s a patience full of love and full of desire for our best potential and he knows when the time is right even if we do not.  And that day in Cana He showed He can pour out the best from us in an instant.  

We can approach Jesus with a lifetime of  filth accumulated from our use and misuse from the world, friends, family and strangers and he sends us away full of the color, health, vibrancy and richness of His love.

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