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Yesterday, most of the groups did not have time to get to all the discussion questions so, as promised, here they are for you to reflect on.

Expectations: Sorting Out Good and Bad

1. Henry shares an illustration from his own life about how he judges himself when he doesn’t live up to his ideal. Think of a situation this week when you didn’t meet your own expectations. What feelings did you experience?

2. A crucial point in our relationships is when we first begin to notice imperfections in other people or they fail us in some way. Henry states that maturity is when we don’t allow the imperfection or failure to destroy the good we have in the relationship. How does the Gospel help us in this regard?

3. Henry states that the experience of acceptance and forgiveness from others and God is necessary before we can forgive and accept ourselves. The Gospel message is clearly a message of forgiveness and acceptance, but even the best churches struggle at times to be accepting communities. Why do you think that is the case?

4. We become whole people as we bring the bad parts of ourselves out in the open and experience acceptance and forgiveness. Historically, the Christian practice of confession has been the means to this path. How can we recover this practice in our communities?

5. Henry states that we have to embrace the pain of life to grow, and that the pattern of the Christian life is that death always precedes resurrection. Can you think of a time in your life where an experience of pain and suffering was followed by fresh, new life? How has that experience impacted your perspective on challenges in life?


Free T-Shirt!!!

July Teaching Series

We are giving a free shirt to the first person to post the answer to the bonus question for this week’s Reflection Questions!!!  If you forgot to pick up the reflection questions we passed out at the end of SHIFT on Sunday here they are: (The Bonus question is at the bottom.

1.  If humility is a requirement of following Jesus, do you think Christians today meet that requirement? What does a humble Christian look like?  Do you see such people at CityChurch and Shift?  Do you see yourself as humble?

2.  Jesus called Simon Peter to follow Him and said He would make Him a fisher of men. (Luke 5:10)  Read Matthew 28:16-20.  Do you think Jesus’ call to Peter and to the other disciples is the same call He has for you?  Why or why not?

3.  Andy talked this weekend about how Simon Peter had to STOP, DROP, and COMMIT.  What do you need to stop this week?  In what ways will you “drop” aka humble yourself before Jesus this week?  What is Jesus calling you to commit to this week?

4. This was the last talk of our series Jesus: The Most Interesting Man In The World.  We looked at Jesus  turning water into wine (John 2:1-11), healing a demon possessed man (Mark 1:21-28), healing a bleeding woman & raising to life a dead girl (Mark 5:21-43), curing the leprous men (Luke 17:11-19) , and calling ordinary men to initiate His kingdom movement (Luke 5:1-11).  How did you grow through this series?

Bonus Question: What is the verse reference or the verse quotation of the verse that has been posted to the reflection question sheets the past 4 weeks?


July Teaching Series

We did not have a chance to prepare the reflection questions to pass out on Sunday.  We’re going easy on you this week and only giving you two questions to think about.  Remember we encourage you to share your thoughts and leave comments on this blog.  If your brave we would love to see you share your answers to the questions.

1. What is one thing you got out of or learned from Al’s sermon on Luke 17:11-19 (healing of 10 lepers)? Having learned this, how do you plan to apply this to your life?

2.Who are the outcasts of  today in our culture? our city? our community? our work? Who in your life is an outcast that God is calling you to reach out to with His Grace and Compassion?

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