Yesterday, most of the groups did not have time to get to all the discussion questions so, as promised, here they are for you to reflect on.

Expectations: Sorting Out Good and Bad

1. Henry shares an illustration from his own life about how he judges himself when he doesn’t live up to his ideal. Think of a situation this week when you didn’t meet your own expectations. What feelings did you experience?

2. A crucial point in our relationships is when we first begin to notice imperfections in other people or they fail us in some way. Henry states that maturity is when we don’t allow the imperfection or failure to destroy the good we have in the relationship. How does the Gospel help us in this regard?

3. Henry states that the experience of acceptance and forgiveness from others and God is necessary before we can forgive and accept ourselves. The Gospel message is clearly a message of forgiveness and acceptance, but even the best churches struggle at times to be accepting communities. Why do you think that is the case?

4. We become whole people as we bring the bad parts of ourselves out in the open and experience acceptance and forgiveness. Historically, the Christian practice of confession has been the means to this path. How can we recover this practice in our communities?

5. Henry states that we have to embrace the pain of life to grow, and that the pattern of the Christian life is that death always precedes resurrection. Can you think of a time in your life where an experience of pain and suffering was followed by fresh, new life? How has that experience impacted your perspective on challenges in life?