FB Doctrine

This past Sunday we kicked off our Doctrine Series with Pastor John Witte who presented to us the following thought:

If the God of the Bible exists, we cannot make sense of our lives apart from him.

Pastor Witte mentioned some great resources for anyone wanting to further study the Doctrine of God.  So if you missed out or didn’t get the handout we wanted to list them here for you:

  1. www.reasonablefaith.org
  2. www.reasonablefaith.org/does-god-exist-1
  3. Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics by William Lane Craig
  4. www.philosophyofreligion.info/theistic-proofs
  5. Christian Theology: An Introduction by Alister E. McGrath, pp. 205-246.
  6. Wikipedia: Classical Arguments for the Existence of God: Aquinas’ Five Ways