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Giving God’s Voice a Try

Last week we began a discussion on what it means to hear from God and learning what to do when he does speak. The ultimate question we have to begin with is, “Do we have the guts to respond to God’s voice?”  Before you read any further I invite you to go read 1 Kings 19:1-13 first.

…And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave.  And a voice said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (NLT)

Bill Hybels writes in The Power of a Whisper, “We serve a communicating God—a God of Words. [He] created with a word, he healed with a word, he encouraged with a word, he rebuked with a word, he guided with a word, he prophesied with a word, he assured with a word, he loved with a word, he served with a word and he comforted with a word. Throughout all of history, God has communicated, and he still is at it today. The issue isn’t whether or not God is speaking; it’s whether we will have ears to hear what he says.” (Grand Rapids: Zonderzan, 2010, p 50)

Let’s be honest. At least in my life, I’m pretty sure God has been whispering to me most of my life and I either wasn’t listening or, and this is more likely your story too, I didn’t know how to listen. I’m pretty sure this is the scenario for most of us. It doesn’t help when we hear crazy stories from visiting missionaries about how they obeyed a divine whisper and saved a whole village.

But if we look at the Bible, I’m comforted by people like Samuel, who thought God’s voice was the old priest in the other room, or Peter, who, in a dream about eating food the Jews didn’t eat, kept telling God he couldn’t possibly be right about this one. I think both situations show that all of us, at all points of our walk with Jesus are learning to better hear his voice. Bill Hybels question is how far a we willing to go to make sure we’re maximizing our learning potential? Do we really want to hear God speak?

Before we can effectively start to hear God’s voice, we have to be willing to put our whole life in God’s hands, willing to trust him fully, and give him access to every area of our life.

As you learn to hear from God, these 5 questions work as spiritual filters to help you discern whether a whisper truly was from above:

  1. “God, is this prompting truly from you?”
  2. “Is the whisper scriptural?”
  3. “Is it wise?”
  4. “Is it tune with my own character or wiring patterns?”
  5. “What do the people I most trust think about it?”

With those questions in mind try giving the whisper-led life a try with the following activity:

Duplicate this grid in your journal. (If you don’t have a journal now’s a great time to start one!) Note 3 or 4 aspirations that are top-of-mind for you these days. Then, beside each, jot down a few questions that invite God to speak into that goal (see example). As you invite God to speak pay attention to goals he may be asking you to set aside for now, as well as new ones he prompts you to add to your list.

My Current Goals Questions I Have of God
[example] Get out of debt. * How am I supposed to tithe, when money is this tight?

*What needs should go unmet while I work to get out of debt?

*What do you want me to learn through this process?

*In what ways should my lifestyle shift, once I’m finally out of debt?

Communitas: Love, Labor, Live


Let’s Pray for this Cool Guy!!

Noah & Family: Anybody who collects Atari 2600 games has to be the coolest guy ever!!

Hello Everyone:

I wanted to share this with everyone and ask us to be praying tonight and tomorrow, specifically around 12 pm.  Michelle Cook is our Children’s Ministry Coordinator at City Church DT.  Her son Noah is having surgery tomorrow at noon.  Let me share the note she shared with our staff:

Hello City Church Family,

My son Noah will be having eye surgery tomorrow at 12pm.  Noah was born with Congenital Glaucoma & has had lots of eye surgeries since birth (he’s 10 now).  Lately, he’s been struggling with high eye pressures (IOP) off & on and his vision has been slowly creeping up on him (peripheral).

I’ve personally met Noah and I have to tell you, he’s one of the coolest kids ever.  He’s 10 years old and he collects Atari 2600 games!!  How cool is that!!!  Plus, his love for our Jesus would inspire you.  He has the raddest way of telling his friends about his faith… all on his own.  So let’s gather together as Communitas and as the City Church family and lift up a prayer for Noah.  God is listening…

Communitas: Love, Labor, Love

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