July Teaching Series

Personal Reflection Question:

Jesus addressed the woman who was an outcast of society for twelve years as “daughter” (Mark 5:34). Self- image problems plague us today. How does the fact that you’re a “daughterʼ or “son” of the Creator of the world influence your own self-image and identity?

Being rejected is not fun.  Being rejected in the workplace, in the classroom, and in relationships.  All not fun.  Now, I imagine some people can handle it better than others.  You know, the people with those sunny dispositions and the born-natural salesman, who can handle getting doors shut in his face all day, but I think after 12 years of rejection one’s self-identity would be concretely built around it.  

As someone who’s grown up in a Christian home and who later came to embrace Jesus as someone I wanted to walk with and not someone my parents told me about, I’ve heard that “Jesus Loves Me” my whole life and I have to fight the tendency to go to God to stroke my own ego.  When one gets used to the God of the Universe calling me Son I can develop a mindset like the prodigal’s sons brother and get indignant when I’m not celebrated. (Luke 15:27-29)

To experience rejection at the level the bleeding woman did in Mark 5 is something my moments of rejection cannot even begin to approach, but I know there are people out there who do identify.  All I need to do is turn on the local news to be blasted with stories, night after night, of people who are in desperate need of the Good Life that Jesus desperately desires to extend to everyone of us.  All waiting to hear the word of acceptance by a never failing, always loving Dad.  I need to remind myself that is how badly I need to hear the word too. 

Jesus calls everyone of us, with our incomplete stories, daughters and sons.  AND with that one word He invites us to begin new stories.  A story where we can have a home, a place at the table, and the ear of a FATHER.