You and me, a strong army of men and women, refusing to simply act like a Christian, but determined to be one.

Closing Thoughts:

Imagine if every single person who proclaimed themselves to be
Christian spent every day loving God with all their heart, all their
soul and all their mind, and if every single one loved their neighbor
as themselves.  It simply begins with a choice to give up our roles
as Christians and to decide to truly be one from the core of who we

There are many mind-sets and opinions about what a Christian
really is, but we must ensure that we always come back to the
Word of God as our benchmark for what it means to be one.
Being a Christian is not something we can master and then move
beyond.  It is a daily choice and determination, it is something we
can forever be improving on, learning from and sharing with others.
It’s a journey.  It’s an adventure!

Determine to challenge yourself daily in your normal, everyday
life—through trials and success—asking yourself this question:

Am I just acting like a Christian, or am I truly being one?