OK, so we finished up The Core Issues series last month, but I also realized I dropped the ball and didn’t post the final two days of our 31-day journey.  So in an effort to finish what we started here’s Day 30 and Day 31 will be tomorrow.

People are not an interruption in our lives—they are why we’re here.

Read: Mark 5:21-42

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What happened when Jesus allowed Jairus to interrupt His meeting?

He listened and he went with him.  And even within that interruption he allowed another one to slow him from getting to Jairus house, but we see throughout this story that Jesus’ plan and timing was different than the expectations of those around him.

•  When you have a plan, how hard does God have to work at getting you to change it?

I would guess, pretty hard.  I would also say that when I DON’T have a plan, it’s pretty easy for me to hear him.  Does that mean I shouldn’t plan?  No, it means I have a tendency to listen to Him only when I haven’t come up with something myself.  Why would I do that?!  I think if most of us are honest with ourselves we’ll tell ourselves there’s nothing wrong with our plan and that it doesn’t contradict scripture in anyway, but never actually submit our plans to Jesus or others (see 1 Peter 5:5) before setting out to accomplish them.

•  Can you think of a time when you allowed the Holy Spirit to “interrupt” you so that you could help someone else?

Yes, a few times and it was usually in relation to someone who hadn’t yet chosen to believe.  When I think of them I see my “small part” in the path they took.  One, a girl who was very new to her faith it was by simply going out of my way to invite her to a small group.  She ended up meeting her future husband that day.  Another time, was the act of having a drink with someone who didn’t necessarily know what to believe.  Now he’s following Jesus, has been baptized, and found a lovely equally-yoked wife.  Was I the almighty catalyst in these people’s lives.  NO.  I listened and took AN action, ONE action;  I played my part in obedience.  God included me in their stories.  I’m glad I listened.

•  What changes would you need to make in your life in order to allow God room to interrupt you?

In my current relationship I’m learning what it means to communicate effectively, properly and humbly.  This takes practice.  What changes can I make to allow God’s interruptions?  I need to practice listening and when is the best time to do this?  In my times of prayer.  My prayer shouldn’t consist of me being the only one talking.  Uncomfortable though it may be, just sitting in stillness and allowing God to speak to us takes practice.  But if I never do it, or am inconsistent with it how would I ever become familiar with His voice.  Can we hear his voice in the crowd?

Listen & Pray:  JESUS my PATH, many times I live as if there is no room in my schedule for mistakes or interruptions.  I thank You when you interrupt me and choose to use me to make a difference in the life of another person.  No plan I make is ever more important that what you have planned for me.