When we truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we cannot help but proclaim this life-saving Word to them.

Read: 1 Corinthians 13

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  Select three of these characteristics of love that you can work on developing during the next week.

Well, the first two are not exactly my strong points so I’ll be working on patience and kindness.  The third one that I need to make more a part of my life is to not be irritable.  I probably need to focus more than a week on these qualities.

•  Do you find yourself expressing your love for Jesus in the same way that you express your love for people (and vice versa)?

No, I think at times I treat people as is they should always act, think and walk life Jesus.  I do this more not because I’m judging, but because the way Jesus lived and walked his life makes sense to me.  So, people living any other way (especially believers) seems, to me, an illogical way to live.  That’s where I don’t express love in Jesus way, but in a religious way.  Also, I can be honest with Christ.  I feel like I can’t always be this way with people even though I’m getting better about this.

•  Think of one person in your world whom you would characterize as “loving.”  Explain why you attribute that quality to this person.

I don’t want to name this person, first of all ’cause I think they’d be embarrassed and second of all out of respect for them.  But I attribute this quality to this person because he is positive no matter what.  And I mean no matter what!  Sometimes, when I see this person they’ve been working hard and seem to be worn out, yet will always respond with concern with how your day is going.  Even when you give him what ordinarily would be categorized as bad news, he get’s excited and sees it as an opportunity.  Basically, he and the other people who I’d define as “loving” usually never live for themselves.  The ALWAYS live for others.

Listen & Pray:  JESUS my EVERYTHING, talking about my faith should never feel like a duty or obligation. I cannot help but proclaim how much I love You and how You have changed my life. I want to make an effort in every conversation to leave room for expressing the joy and sense of security that flow from my relationship with You.