Noah & Family: Anybody who collects Atari 2600 games has to be the coolest guy ever!!

Hello Everyone:

I wanted to share this with everyone and ask us to be praying tonight and tomorrow, specifically around 12 pm.  Michelle Cook is our Children’s Ministry Coordinator at City Church DT.  Her son Noah is having surgery tomorrow at noon.  Let me share the note she shared with our staff:

Hello City Church Family,

My son Noah will be having eye surgery tomorrow at 12pm.  Noah was born with Congenital Glaucoma & has had lots of eye surgeries since birth (he’s 10 now).  Lately, he’s been struggling with high eye pressures (IOP) off & on and his vision has been slowly creeping up on him (peripheral).

I’ve personally met Noah and I have to tell you, he’s one of the coolest kids ever.  He’s 10 years old and he collects Atari 2600 games!!  How cool is that!!!  Plus, his love for our Jesus would inspire you.  He has the raddest way of telling his friends about his faith… all on his own.  So let’s gather together as Communitas and as the City Church family and lift up a prayer for Noah.  God is listening…

Communitas: Love, Labor, Love