More than any words, program or doctrine, it’s our very life that speaks the loudest.

Read: James 3:13-18

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  Describe the ways in which your everyday life effectively preaches the gospel.

EVERYTHING in my life affects how the gospel is “preached.”  I don’t get to pick and choose what part of my life tells a story of God to other people.  But this question is in what ways does my life preach the gospel effectively.  I hope one of the ways my life is effective is my honesty.  More specifically, I’m honest that as a Christian I don’t know everything.  In James 3: 13 it says to live in good conduct by “the meekness of wisdom” and verse 14 says to “not boast and be false to the truth.”  Not only do I need to be honest with God and myself about my shortcomings, I need to be honest about them with the people around me.  Even though I have an ability to work things in my life out with God and I, if I’m not open about those things with the people in my life then I run the danger as coming across as somebody who thinks I’m perfect, arrogant, or to proud of myself.  None of these characteristics give any glory to the work Jesus has done in my life.  I should daily strive to, “for the sake of Christ, then, [be] content with [my] weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”  More specifically when people can see my weaknesses, they can see His strength.


•  Think about some people in your life today. 25 years from now, what do you think they will say about the impact you had on their lives?

I’m not to sure how to answer this.  I’ll answer it by talking about people from my past.  Over 15 years ago I moved, with my family, from the state of Louisiana back to Texas.  While I was glad to be back in Texas there were friendships formed in Louisiana that have had a lasting effect on who I am spiritually today.  I think of people, besides my immediate family, like Jason Diezman, Michelle Elliot, Jim & Kathy Girouard, and others who lived their walks with Christ in their own unique way and each way teaching me what it was to walk with Jesus, what it meant to have passion, what it was to doubt, what it meant to struggle, and what it meant to trust God regardless.  Even though I’m the best person to stay in touch with old friends it doesn’t change the effect they’ve had on me.  I hope my effect on others is the same, not for my benefit, but for the benefit of their relationship with Christ.

•  If your life were a sermon, what would be the title of your message?

Right now it would be, “Once You Get to Know Him, He’s Not That Bad a Guy.”  Not a very flattering sermon title.  ‘Cause even though you may get to like me once I let you in, this sermon title shows I need to work on my 1st impressions and my general way I carry myself around people.  I can come across as too serious, not friendly, not talkative, and generally someone you want to avoid.  Not a good vibe… not a good witness.

Listen & Pray: JESUS my STORY, this new life you have given me speaks louder than 1,000 sermons—and can speak to generations after I have come and gone. I pray for the attitude and determination to allow the example of my life to do more “witnessing” than my mouth. I want to show Your goodness and my devotion to You without ever having to preach a word.