When we define our Christianity by what we are not doing, we completely forget about what it is that we should be doing.

Read: Romans 8:1—17 & I Chronicles 22:17—19

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What are the things you think Christians should not do?

According to the scriptures I just read, I should not be setting my mind on the flesh, “rules” (do this/don’t do this), or seeking security from the things under my control.

•  What are the things that Christians should do?

If I go back to those scriptures I should be doing the opposite of what I stated in the first question.  (And if you take notice, most of the things we do in our walk with Jesus is the polar opposite of what the world says we must do.)  I should be setting my mind on the things of the Spirit, free from condemnation of the “rule,” and setting my heart and mind to seek security from my God alone.

•  Do you think you focus on what activities you are refraining from, rather than oh the things you should be participating in? If so, why?

This is the problem of the modern church.  In fact, it’s always been a problem in the church.  If it wasn’t a problem, Paul would not have been addressing it.  Too often I have defined myself by the things I don’t do, then say “I’ve been set apart by God.”  This in itself is not wrong, but by itself it is.  If my focus is on the things I’m refraining from it becomes a burden to flow into the activities I should be participating in, for one, because everything I participate in must abide by the “standards” of what I refrain from.  But if my focus is on participating my heart, soul, and mind in the purposes of Jesus, I find myself living with “no condemnation” and refrain from certain things as a natural flow of participating in Christ’s story.

•  What was one of the last things Jesus spoke to you? Is that still your focus, or have you become distracted with something else?

The last thing Jesus spoke to me was that I need to empty my life, sweep it clean and put in order. (Matthew 12:44)  It started with my sexual sin and now it’s with how I use my the time he has given me.  I must be careful, for everything that I sweep out of my spiritual house that I replace it with the Spirit and power of Jesus.  I don’t want to clean my life and end up like the person in Matthew 12:43-45.

Listen & Pray: JESUS my CORNERSTONE, most of the time I know what I should not do, but forget about what I should be doing. I should be focused on the abundant, purpose-driven, passionate life adventure you have called me to live.  My direction determines my destination.  I look to you in all things.