The strength of our spiritual core actually determines whether we are a faint flickering candle, a 75-watt light bulb or a stadium spotlight.

Read: John 8:12-20 & Matthew 5:14-16

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What is it that Jesus says He is and we are? How should this impact the way in which we live our lives?

Jesus says he is the “the light of the world” and that whoever follows him with have the “light of life.”  In Matthew he says that we are the “light of the world” and compares us to a city on a hill and a lamp on a stand.  The verses in Matthew come directly after the verses on salt, (which we talked about the day before yesterday, Day 20) which come directly after the beatitudes.  So if I am to be the salt and light of the world what am I supposed to look like.  I believe, verses 3—11 answer that for me.  I should be a person who is poor in spirit, one who mourns, is humble, hungers and thirsts for peace and justice, is merciful, has a heart that is pure, who works for peace, and is persecuted for doing right.  If I am a person of salt and light people will mock me and persecute me and lie about me and say all sorts of evil things against me because I am a follower of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 5:11)  If this list doesn’t change the way I live, then I’m living a life of using Christ instead of serving him.

•  Are there people in your world who are in darkness because you have not been shining your light bright enough?

Yes, there will always be people in our sphere of influence who are in darkness.  If I wake up one day and say to myself, “No need to shine my light today.  I’m pretty sure I took care of all the darkness,” then something’s out of kilter in my head.  And here’s the kicker: I know there are people in my life who are in darkness.  If I know they’re in darkness shouldn’t I be unstoppable in wanting to show them the light of Christ?  Why don’t I?  This speaks to selfishness, fear, and pride in my life.

•  When you do shine, are you more like an intense interrogation light, or a lighthouse on a hill?

I feel I’m closer to the analogy of being a lighthouse on a hill.  Growing up in what most would consider a strict household and church structures I know what the interrogation light feels like.  When I think interrogation light I conjure up images of criminals, judgment, harsh treatment, abuse, and torture.  If I shine that type of light on those in darkness, the shock and pain of that sudden light will push them away from the light of Christ.

•  What practical steps can you take to bump up the wattage in the light that shines forth from your life?

Again and again, over the last 22 days of going through this journal I’d hope we can answer that it’s by allowing the transforming power of Jesus to change our hearts, souls, and minds.  Each day I should be stepping aside and allowing him to mold and work me into a healthy expression of his love.  So practically, I should have a daily scripture reading and prayer time.  I should never isolate myself from the community of believers (and I’m not just talking about going to church).  I should, in wisdom, find myself in places of darkness in order to shine the light of Christ.  Think about it, I don’t really know how effective my light is if I’m always in the presence of other light-bearers.

Listen & Pray:  JESUS my LIGHT, when it comes to being a light in the world, I have a choice as to how brightly I will shine.  If I am diligent and keep my spiritual core strong and energized, I will be able to operate as a floodlight for You.  May my light be strong enough to not only steer friends away from mistakes in life, but strong enough to truly influence their walk.