We live in a world that often gives more value to animals, the environment and individual rights than it does to people, but there is nothing more costly to God than people. He loves all of us.

Read: Romans 5:6-11

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What do these verses reveal to us about the kind of people God loves?

Sinners, the ungodly, and enemies of God.  This is the condition of the entire past, present, and future human race.  This is my condition.  This is your condition.  Even though we are his enemies, he give the gift of his son’s sacrifice to us as reconciliation.  So if he loves me, an enemy of God, how can I say that there are some in this world undeserving of love?

•  Is there a particular “type” of person you find difficult to value?  Why do you think this is so? How can you learn to show compassion for that person?

This has the potential to be a long list and that immediately tells me there’s an issue with how I parse out the love of Jesus to others.  I find it difficult to value people that are: fake, self-righteous, egotistical, like to listen to themselves talk and no one else, religious, materialistic, boastful, unforgiving, hold grudges (which I myself am guilty of), etc…  Why?  Maybe I see this in myself (one again, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves at times if we are to grow) or have been hurt by people like this.  Not valuing them protects me, but I need to realize it also hurts me.  I think what I’m going to do is write down this list of traits that I tend to withhold value and love from and, one by one, a day at a time, ask Jesus to help me get over myself and see others with the value he sees them.  After all, he died for my faults.  Would I do the same?

•  Do you pray on a regular basis for your city, your country or for the lost throughout the world? If not, take some time right now to intercede (intervene on behalf of another) for them.

My prayer habit is horrible.  But it has been on my mind the last two months and I’m working on fixing things in my life towards a commitment of consistent prayer and scripture reading.  And this question makes a good point about my prayers.  When I pray, am I only praying to Jesus about my life and my needs and my desire to know him more.  Maybe I should start out my prayers by praying for those around me and the world I live in.  God knows there’s plenty to pray about.  It would be a good consistent exercise in learning to “love my neighbor.”

Listen & Pray:  GOD my LOVE, there is nothing wrong with loving Your creative works, but if I have forgotten about my fellow man and woman while doing so, then I have lost sight of my purpose for being here. Show me to value and give dignity to every single person you gave Your Son as a ransom for. I pray I will always look for people I can bless with love, words, and finances. Keep my heart and eyes open to the lost, the hurting and the needy around me and ready to offer insane generosity to them.