We are the salt of the earth.

Read: Matthew 5:13

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  Evaluate whether you are fulfilling God’s purpose in your world.

This question (actually most of the questions) may sound like it wants you to examine the actions of your faith and that is one way of reading it.  We’ve discovered though, that relying on actions alone builds a structure with no support.  I will eventually collapse.  So in your own daily time, please answer this question (and all the other questions) from the perspective of your motives and your core.  The part of you that’s either not allowing or allowing Jesus to remove your “heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

Am I fulfilling God’s purpose in the world?  The only way I can know that is to be daily seeking his purpose.  I believe only by seeking his invitation to live our lives with him are we able to discover his purposes for us.  Before verse 13, of Matthew 5, Jesus begins his sermon on the mount with the beatitudes.  Then he immediately tells those listening they are the salt of the earth and after that compares us to light like a city on a hill.  Huh?  Well, if I keep reading Jesus start’s describing who these people of salt and light look like.  They’re people who live not by the letter of the law, but by the spirit of the law and if I take the beatitudes into account they are also people who live not for a temporal reward but a future one.

So am I fulfilling God’s purpose in the world?  Honestly, some days I am and most of the days I’m not and if I consider the days I am, I eliminate a good chunk of those too.  Let me go further.  If I’m candid with myself, I spend many of those good days seeking his purpose for ME instead of seeking HIS undiluted good and pleasing will and his will only.

•  Do people get a good “taste” of Jesus when they encounter you?

I believe they do and I would hope they do.  This wasn’t always the case in the past, specifically in work environments.  I wonder how many other people are the same way?  Working in a church really doesn’t afford me the opportunity to be salt.  By the time someone shows up to church they’ve had their palates salted and now their looking for the full-course meal.  So I have to be purposeful of the “taste” I’m giving off outside of my job.  An area I could work on is my tendency for sarcasm and blunt remarks.  I feel many times I can be abrasive and end up “over-salting” a situation.

•  What kind of flavors do you see yourself bringing out in your world?

Salt enhances what’s already there, so in effect we are special tour guides who point out the beauty of God’s creation and everything in it.  The beauty of what we don’t see.  Hopefully, the flavors I’m bringing out are that people matter and Jesus loves us, no matter how messed up we are or have been.

•   Do you think the example you set as a Christian sometimes errs on the side of being too salty, or not salty enough?

You don’t salt food for salt’s sake, but for the food’s sake.  I believe I err on the side of not being salty enough.  I think in an effort to not want to insert myself into a situation or being afraid of misrepresenting Christ (the food) that I hold back.  By determining how much I salt the world around me, I am also controlling of the salt shaker.  Once again, it comes back to a trust issue.  Am I willing to allow God to pick me up off the table and use me to season whatever situation?

Listen & Pray:  My JESUS who satisfies, you say that I am the salt of the earth. I pray I carefully season the world around me. To little, and people will walk away still feeling unsatisfied in their souls. Too much, and they will be repelled. You are calling me to bring out your flavors in my part of the world and I’m responsible for the taste of You that I leave with others.