It is only during times of trials that the true strength of our mind muscle is revealed.  What is in us will always flow out of us during these times.

Read: Matthew 8:5-13

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  How did the centurion respond to the condition of his servant? Why was the servant ultimately healed? What lessons can you learn from this story?

  1. The centurion responded with humbleness and compassion towards his servant.  Humbleness because this was a Roman Centurion approaching a Jewish Rabbi for help and compassion because he took action to help his servant.
  2. The servant was ultimately healed because of the Centurions faith in the authority Jesus had.  I also believe it was because of his humbleness.  He stated that “he was not worthy” for Jesus to come under his roof. 
  3. Many times I will not feel worthy of having Jesus come to me, but I can always be confident of his authority no matter my situation if I will only humbly and confidently approach Jesus. (Also read II Chronicles 7:14 and Hebrews 4:16)

•  Do you tend to let your circumstances dictate your thoughts, or does the Word of God determine how you think?

Naturally, the first thing that dictates my thoughts is my circumstances, but I’m learning how to replace those thoughts with the Truth of the Word of God.  That does not mean that my circumstances magically disappear or that I’m blindly ignoring them.  It merely reminds me who my circumstances are subject to and that, in his time and his way, his promises will not fail me.  It is not an empty hope.

•  Think of a challenge you are currently facing. Find a Scripture that speaks Truth into your difficulty. When you are tempted to be discouraged, hold on to that truth!

I have two whiteboards in my bedroom.  Yes, I am that much of a geek.  I’m comfortable with that.  Anyway, on one of them I write scriptures that speak into whatever current situation I’m dealing with.  The scripture I currently have written on my whiteboard is not a feel good fluffy scripture.  It is one of those hard truths that I need to remind myself of.

“Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger.” Proverbs 19:15

Listen & Pray:  JESUS my STRENGTH, the challenges I encounter merely reveal who I really am.  The challenges I encounter will happen so suddenly and unexpectedly that I will have no time to consult the Bible about what I should think.  Life’s challenges will expose what is really inside of me.  I strive to saturate my mind with Your WORD, so in that defining moment, I will believe the Truth of who I really am in you.