Our thoughts are just like a train; they always take us somewhere.

Read: II Corinthians 10:3-6

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  Think of one challenge in your life right now. Where are your thoughts about it taking you? Are you headed for a train wreck?

I’ve been trying to get off a particular train for the past few months.  Though more of  a “physical train” it’s also a “thought train” inasmuch as my thoughts are an important factor in the struggle.  The challenge has been my sleep schedule.  Now, I’m a night owl.  I always have been.  It worked through high school and my 20’s, but lately it’s been an issue.  I consider it part of my man-child issues I’m getting around to confronting.  It’s affected previous jobs and nearly gotten me in hot-water with the present one.  Yes, this is a challenge of the flesh, but I haven’t been able to make any progress in this area until I made a conscientiously mindful decision to submit the issue to the Lord.  In other words, I’m having to be violent with it like in II Corinthians 10.  “For though [I] walk in the flesh, [I am] not waging war according to the flesh.”  Deep down I’ve tolerated the behavior and deep down I must acquiesce if I’m going to see any change.

•  Can you think of any “platforms” you need to stay away from, as there always seem to be trains passing by that are headed in the wrong direction?

I addressed one of those platforms in the first question.  Another platform, and one I’ve mentioned before, is something I know all guys struggle with (and there’s a growing trend of ladies who struggle with this too): sexual sin.  From porn, masturbation (we’re adults, so kid gloves are off folks), steamy movies you know better than to watch, billboards, magazines, TV commercials—it’s everywhere.  Talk about trains that always seem to be passing by, waiting on this platform is like waiting for a bullet train that is going to take you to an unwanted destination pronto.  So sometimes, I make extreme choices: I avoid glancing at the magazines in the checkout line, skipping out on the next comedy that friends say doesn’t have that much nudity and sex in it, and changing the channel when the latest bikini, beer or Victoria’s secret commercial assaults the screen between my favorite show.  I don’t do it to be religious.  It’s just, I’ve been there.  I’ve experienced the destruction it can do.  Fighting is worth every inch.  I’d rather be the attacker of my sin than the defender against it.  Whatever “platform” you struggle with, if you don’t make a decisive choice every day to submit it to Christ (on the good and bad days), YOU WILL LOSE.

• List three things that help you choose the right trains of thought.

1.  Accountability (An unwillingness to be accountable is PRIDE.  Find a trusted friend you can be open with.) 
2. Scripture & vocally claiming the Truth of God’s promises no matter the circumstance.
3. Christ-Centered Community

Listen & Pray: JESUS my ROCK, at times I have allowed my thoughts to travel down a random track and end up with negative scenarios that will never actually happen. I resolve to keep getting on the right train of thought. Through You, I must “come to my senses,” take every thought captive to obey You, and begin to think as You think.