If the gifts of the Spirit on  a person’s life are greater than the fruit of the Spirit in a person’s life, parts of that life will begin to crumble. 

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What are the primary gifts that you think God has given you?

I find it kind of weird to be asked to self-identify God’s gifts in my life.  1 Corinthians 12 reads like this, “There are varieties of gifts, services and activities but each from the same Spirit, Lord and God.”  God’s gifts empower us individually for the common good.  After being clearly informed of what the gifts are, I feel kind of releaved because  I did not receive them based on my works or on how badly I really wanted to have a certain gift.  I believe God’s gifts have operated differently through various seasons of my life.  Early in my walk with Christ was Faith.  An unshakable and unquenchable Faith in God.  Speaking in  tongues was prevalent.  In this season of my life I am learning to walk in  wisdom and discernment of spirits. 

•  Are there areas of your life where there is an inconsistency between your inner and outer life?

Now more than ever I feel an inconsistency in what  I want in my life and what I am doing to get there.  I am very eager to develop Godly fruit: to serve more, to counsel more and just simply do more of what I believe God has called me to do and because of this  I tend to neglect myself and sadly the people I love the most in life: my family.  I want to love God by loving others, but I don’t think  I do a great job at loving myself.  I feel kind of selfish doing that.  I also need more consistency in my boundaries; to know when to say yes and when to say no.

•  Can you be honest enough to ask if the condition of your inner core is strong enough to sustain the kind of life that God has gifted you for?

Honestly, no.  I could never sustain myself or allow myself to.  I foolishly tried to do it for some time and I realized everything I was doing to make myself spiritually strong did not create a solid foundation for me to fall on when my family broke apart.  I needed Christ.  I needed the gospel and the perfect  life he gave up in place of mine.  I am reminded  God calls Himself our Sustainer.  He never called us to sustain our own heart, soul or mind.  He provided Jesus for me to trust in, to lean on and to be sustained by.  A  scripture I have carried in my heart is “I will boast in my weaknesses… for when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:10)  He sustains me when  I cannot sustain myself.

•  Do you have an accountability group or somebody in your life to help keep you on track?  If so, are you truly honest, open and vulnerable with them.

I am in the process of building godly and accountable group relationships in my Friday night women’s study.  The first person who pops into my mind is my sister, she is child-like, a psych major (which helps the listening process) and a young lady with godly perspective.  Secondly, my bff and boyfriend.  God bless his listening soul and his brutally honest perspective.  He is a gift!

Listen & Pray:  Holy Spirit, you are the source of all gifts and I thank you for the spiritual gifts you have given me.  I pray that whenever my external world seems to collapse around me the condition of my inner world will be authentic.  it is always dangerous when  I allow Your gifts to take me to a palce where emy character cannot keep me.