There is nowhere in the Bible where I could find scripture that said “By their gifts you will know them”

Read: Matthew 7:15-20

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  In this passage of Scripture, what does Jesus teach us about the fruit of our lives?

He teaches about good and bad fruit and where it derives from.  I interpret fruit to be directly linked to our character, the core of our being and outside of Christ, we cannot bear good and Godly fruit.

•  When you look at others, do you only look at their gifts or do you look beyond, to their character?

I have to admit this, I used to be mesmerized by God’s gifts.  I always thought people who moved strongly in the gifts of the Spirit were doing something right to be able to use these gifts from God.  As I have matured and grown in my walk with Christ, I have learned that gifts are merited to men to advance God’s kingdom.  We cannot acquire gifts, God gives them to us freely.  Now, growing in character is a more laborious task on our part and because I understand the process a little better, I look for Godly character and try not to judge others when they fail but instead, practice growing my character and showing grace.

• Do you think that other people see any fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in your life?

I would like to think so.  I would go for patience and gentleness.  Simply because I feel God has intentionally worked in my life in these areas.

• Choose one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and think of an area of your life in which this fruit may be lacking.  How can you allow God to develop this particular fruit in this area?

Faithfulness, no hesitation in that one.  I am so easily amazed by newness, new things, experiences, friendships, eateries etc..  Although I am a very committed individual, I find it difficult giving my all where I am in life—simply because I look forward to newness.  I want to learn to be faithful and fruitful in all seasons of my life.

Listen & Pray:  Jesus, keep me from falling into the trap of being enamored by someone purely in the basis of his or her gift or talent.  A person’s spiritual gifting does not define who that person is.  I need to examine the fruit of a person’s life to determine his or her character.  It is the fruit of my life that truly reveals the depth of my intimacy with You.  It is when I am in Your presence that I am changed into Your likeness and produce the fruits of your Holy Spirit.