If our soul is damaged our wounded before we become a Christian, it isn’t miraculously “zapped”—we aren’t instantly made whole.

Read: 3 John 1:2

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  John prays that we have a prosperous soul.  How would you describe a soul that is prospering?

We talked about this at our last meeting.  I understood (only after clarifying the definition about 3 times) that our soul is made up of our will and emotions.  So, a Godly and prosperous soul is one that is genuinely and selflessly pursuing the will of the Father.  A soul that is committed to spiritual growth even when it is a painful and sacrificial process.

•  What pre-Christian soul damage is affecting your current Christian walk?

I am very aware of my soul damage a little to well and sometimes I allow it to define me.  It is too familiar and as much as I want out and I want to be restored by God, the process at times seems too painful.  I have labeled  my soul damage as “daddy issues.”  It feels like  everything about me has been affected by the absence and rejection from my father.  I know what God  commands of us  in terms of forgiveness and I am learning to walk in His truth,  but sometimes it is just more comfortable to cling to what I know.  What I know is painful bitter and broken.  My father broke my heart, and I dislike admitting  it.  It has been very difficult to allow God to love me as a Father and at this point of my life I think that is exactly the role God wants to play in my life.  God wants to restore me even when I don’t feel like I need a father figure in my life.

• Are there any recurring behavior patterns you have been trying to address from the outside in, but which have their origin in a wounded soul?

This is a bit of a loaded question.  The first thing that immediately popped into my mind is my self diagnosed ADD.  The downside to being a very passionate individual is that I tend to lose focus and interest in what I am currently assigned to doing.  I am a dreamer and I want to restore the world everyday in a different way!  All this to say, I am never fully where I am at.  Physically, mentally and spiritually, I am always where I would rather be, and yes this is sadly a behavior pattern.  I’ve tried to stay focused, bought calendars, set up reminders, had countless to do lists, and absorb teachings on Godly stewardship, but it never really works.

• Is there any area of your life in which you started on a path to healing, but you got frustrated and decided to give up?
I don’t think I have given up on it, but I have certainly delayed it.  I am like the kid who picks his scabs knowing it will hurt, bleed and will need to heal again.  It’s a little morbid and obviously not God’s will for healing and restoring my soul.  I speak specifically about my “daddy issues”.
Listen & Pray:  Jesus my Healer, I commit to the time needed for the healing process and I’m open to learning the new patterns of life you have for me.  There is a process involved in making me whole and I commit to Your internal restoration of me.  I will work with what you have given me and will not worry—for You are faithful and will bring healing when I’m willing to commit to Your plan and process.