How precious are your thoughts about me, O God!  They are innumerable! -Psalm 139:17

Read: Psalm 139
Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  Do you really believe that God delights in you?  Not in what you do or how much you accomplish, but in you? If not, why?

Some days more than others,  I know God’s love is unchanging, there is nothing I can do to earn it and nothing  I can do to lose it.  In theory this makes sense to me.  I do believe God loves me.  In practice it is a little more difficult for me.  I fail to allow the truth of the Gospel into my life.  I often find myself trying to earn someone’s love and approval, but forgetting I am already loved and approved by God.  Nothing can add to or take away from His amazing love for me.

•  Can you remember a time when you did not feel “enough” to be loved and chosen by God? How did this affect your relationship with God?

Yes, my current life is  based around building or restoring  relationships.  I am also a bit of a people pleaser and that’s not a very good mix.  I find it that when I don’t feel good enough for others around me, I don’t feel good enough for God either.   I don’t know how I make that connection in my heart, but instead of pursuing relationships I back away from others and God.

• Are you too busy doing things for God to simply stop and bask in His presence, love and delight?

I am trying not to be.  I thrive on being busy.  I do a lot and I love it!  I am  in the process of learning how to be God’s child and allowing myself to be loved by Him; not based on what I do, but on what Christ already did for me.

Listen & Pray:  God, you delight in me, in everything about me, and not just in what I do—there are definitely things I do that You don’t delight in.  You are captivated simply by who I am and I am becoming.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to believe that anyone would actually delight in me simply for who I am.  You love me purely, totally and unconditionally, simply because you made me and you are my Father.  You delight in me