God has a plan for each one of us, and we must do our part to see that plan realized.

Matthew 25:14-30

Ask Yourself & Journal:

  • In this scripture we find that two servants were considered good and faithful, and the other wicked. What is the reason for this distinction? Are you doing all you can with what is in your hand today in order to fulfill the purpose of God tomorrow?

Here there is an important distinction to be made, the wicked servant not only displeased his master but knew it would displease Him. (Matt 25:24)  It may sound harsh, but Jesus said if you’re not for Me your against Me, and choosing not to act is the same as acting against Him.

  • Are you expecting God to magically” zap” you into your destiny?

Of course not!  Almost everything God does is a process. just like the scripture says above we must be faithful with the little before God can entrust us with the grand destiny He has in store for us.

  • In what way does your “God will take care of it” attitude manifest itself?

Really with me, I have more of a problem letting God do the work when He needs to.  I tend to have the “I can fix it myself” mentality, but there needs to be a balance between me acting and God working.

  • Outline a few practical steps to making your relationship with God a partnership?

To be honest, I have no Idea.  I just do what the Holy Spirit tells me to do.  I keep doing that till He tells me to do something else, and when He tells me to get out of the way I get out of the way.  To know what your responsibility as a Christ follower is may be one of the most important aspects of this, which means we must spend time reading the Word of God.

Listen & Pray:  FATHER, Guide us where we must go, speak to us the words needed to be spoken, make our desires Your desires, and lead us into Your truth.