Lust is when we have a desire for something that is not ours to have.

Hebrews 12:1-2

Ask Yourself & Journal:

  • What does this passage show us about the key to running our own race and finishing?

Laying aside our sin and the things that weigh us down is important for us to be able to run with endurance.  Endurance is important to keep us running long enough to finish the race, but it is fixing our eyes on Jesus that enables us to lay down our sin and burdens in order to have endurance to finish the race. 

  • Can you think of any areas in your own life where you may be desiring something that God does not have for you?

It would probably be easier to list what God does have in store for me.  One thing off the top of my head is my job, I continually pray that I’m not just chasing after the wind with my desire for a better job.  

  • Can you see how your gifts and abilities are connected to the dreams that God has placed in your heart?

Absolutely!  The key here is to distinguish the difference between your dreams, and Gods plans for you.

  • Are there recurring things that take your focus away from Jesus and His plan for your life?

The peripherals always get me, just the things that don’t really matter, but I think they matter way more than they really do.

Listen & Pray:  FATHER, I pray you show me the path you have for me, give me the ability to daily lay my burdens and sin at your feet , and provide me with the endurance to run down that path with everything in me.