To keep our hearts alive and vibrant, we need to maintain an attitude of gratitude  and thanksgiving.

Luke 17:11-19

Ask Yourself & Journal:

  • What does this story show you about the consequences of gratitude?

I find it interesting that none of the Jews came back to give thanks to Christ, but the Samaritan man did, the only one who had a reason to not go back (seeing as the Samaritans and Jews really didn’t like each other).

  • Do you think that you may have become familiar with God or the things of God? In your own life, what signs can you identify that are evidence of this?

Absolutely!  I personally go through this frequently, and it requires a daily reminder that God Is still God.  In my life I notice a completely unteachable spirit, like I know everything about God.  The way I pray to God is different as well.

  • What practical steps can you take in your spiritual journey to ensure that familiarity does not breed contempt in your relationship with God?

To continually remind myself that God is God for a reason. to point myself to the wonder and awe that is God, and in doing so I am reminded that I don’t know everything about him… and never will.  Doing that will put’s me in a teachable spirit.

  • Why not start right now by thanking God for three things in your life?

God thank You, for guiding me down your path for me, for my wife because I didn’t know what I needed, but you knew what I needed and wanted, and for never leaving me even when I wanted to run from you.

Listen & Pray:  FATHER, Thank you so much. you alone are God, and continue to remind me of that daily. Lead me in your ways and teach me your truth.