Christians often leave their first love, Jesus, because they have allowed their faith to become a boring ritual rather than a breathtaking intimate relationship with Him.

Matthew 6:9-13

Ask Yourself & Journal:

  • Is this prayer reflective of your personal time with God?

Ever since the Crazy Love discussion on prayer I have had a different perspective on prayer: that it should be more about God and less about us.  There is stuff concerning us here in this passage, but the bulk of the prayer is about God, literally the forethought and the later-thought… the Alpha and Omega.

  • Have your devotional times been like an awkward or boring date with God, or have they been intimate and full of life?

I have been married only a year now and I can tell you that its not all a romantic experience.  What I have learned is that if you really want romance you need to work at it, (that means both sides need to be involved).  Fortunately, God is always there trying to be intimate and romantic with you but it’s up to us to be romantic and romanced by God.

  • When you talk to God, can He get a word in edgewise?

Years ago a friend challenged me with this thought, he said, “Kyle, have you ever wondered or asked God what his favorite color was?”  To this day, that idea became an exercise in my life to ask God questions that have no real tangible purpose and I would wait for an answer.  This exercise bleeds over into our regular prayer life.  I can’t help but think about when someone goes into a restaurant and says to the server, “Hi, How are you today?” and before they can answer the question they proceed to order their food.  This is not the way we should be treating other people, let alone the God of the universe.

  • What is one thing you can do today to help put the spark back in your relationship with Jesus?

Getting to know Him is essential, not just academically but intimately.  Like the question of God’s favorite color… (I still don’t have an answer), but it has helped me see the beauty in the colors God created and used.  Finding romance in the mystery of God is another one, it kind of goes without saying but we will never completely understand God, but that mystery should drive us into an endless adventure with Him.

  • Can you remember the last time you spontaneously prayed to God for no other reason than to tell Him you love Him?

To be honest, sometimes I forget just to tell God I love Him.  I know with my wife she loves the gestures but Sometimes she just needs to hear the words “I love you!”  It may be because we think “Well, God knows everything I am thinking so why do I need to tell Him.  He should know already!”  He does, but sometimes we just need to say the words “I Love you!”

Listen & Pray:  FATHER, I love you so much. Thank you for first Loving me. You are God, Creator of the heavens, the earth, and all of its inhabitants. Its to you and you alone I give my life. have your way in me Lord.