Essentially, we become actors in a drama rather than pilgrims on a journey. We try to act like something we are supposed to be.

Read: 1 Peter 2:11-12

Ask Yourself & Journal:

•  What does a life committed to pilgrimage really look like?

If my mindset was that this life was only part of my journey, that it was a path to something greater and unknowable, I would behave differently.  I don’t modify my behavior today for the promise of a better future, but I LIVE differently because that better future has been given to me TODAY.  A pilgrim with a life-giving destination would invite as many people as possible to join them on the journey.  A pilgrim would invite whoever to drop whatever it is they were doing and join in the greater story.

•  Have you ever found yourself acting like a Christian when you knew on the inside it was a different story?

Yes.  For those who know me, they know a few years ago I endured a massive struggle with sexual integrity.  The fact that I can share this now is a testament to the freedom in Christ that I now walk in and identify with.  But, during this time I definitely knew that what was going on internally did not match what was going on on the outside.  While my beliefs in Christ were solid, everything else collapsed around me, because I had a polluted heart and an anemic soul.  One thing I have discovered since then is that I WANT Christ to expose the things on the inside that don’t match my actions on the outside.  Too many of us are too scared of this ’cause we can’t handle the shame we experience when Jesus exposes a falsehood within us.  But, now I know every time I allow Jesus to expose an area of my life, then that’s one less area of my life I have to struggle with and one more part of me dependent on Christ.  That’s exactly where I want to be.

• If you truly believed that Jesus was with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, would you change the way that you think or act in any area of your life? If so, what areas?

Definitely.  If Jesus was my roommate and was with me wherever I went I’d definitely change my behavior.  I’d probably go to bed and wake up when I was supposed to, do my homework, clean the house regularly, shower more often, not eat fast food more often.  While these look like things I’m “doing,” they’re really about being more responsible with my time, responsibilities and my health.

•  Is the “you” that people see at church the same “you” that people know at home, work, college, etc?

For the most part yes, but sometimes I have to wonder if people at church really know me as I am.  I take Paul’s admonishment to “be careful so that your freedom does not cause others with a weaker conscience to stumble,” (1 Corinthians 8:7) seriously.  So, there are areas in my life that that I allow myself the freedom to take part in outside of the church with trusted Christian friends.  Notice, that I don’t hide my freedoms, I’m just careful about which Christian friends I do certain things with.  Anything that I have to hide from ALL my Christian friends is not a freedom.  It’s a sin.

Listen & Pray: JESUS, I am on a journey, with you, to become like you. I cannot “perform” my way into becoming like you. Every day is part of this pilgrimage. This journey is not about some far away destination but is worked out in the details of my everyday life. Every moment is an opportunity to be more like you.