Just as our physical core is responsible for every move our body makes, so our spiritual core (Heart, Soul & Mind) is responsible for our every thought, emotion, reaction and decision.

Read: Ephesians 4:16—19

Ask Yourself & Journal:

• When you stop to evaluate the state of your spiritual core, are you aware of which areas are weak and which are strong?

I began to answer this question with the things I’m not doing in my Christian walk.  Then, I realized this question is asking to be honest about which is the weakest: my heart, soul or mind.  I’ll start with what I believe to be my strength: my mind.  This is probably ’cause I’ve grown up in church and I just know the Bible.  But I have to remember that the three areas of my core work in tandem, so I can’t really brag about the strength of my spiritual mind if my heart and soul aren’t properly balancing it out.  As far as the weakest part of my core, I’m going to say it’s my soul.  My soul is what connects my love for God in my heart and my knowledge of Him in my mind and fleshes it out in my everyday life.  This is the part that if I am really honest about needs some work.  If my actions can’t back up what I believe in my mind and know in my heart then that tells me my spiritual workout is incomplete.

• In what situations do you tend to hide behind your outward Christian behaviors?

I feel myself acting most like a Christian at church functions (weekend services, functions, get-togethers, etc.)  Also, with family.  I feel these environments have certain expectations of me, so it’s easier to use default Christian behaviors and I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

• In what situations do you find it natural to operate truly from your core?

I feel I can most naturally operate from my core when I’m just “hanging out” with friends; even more so with non-churched friends.  I know Christians are all over the spectrum on this topic, but I can honestly say the most intimate and honest conversations I’ve had with people have been at pubs over a good brew.  I can usually bear my heart, soul, and mind in these situations.

• What things might be holding you back from trusting God and
allowing Him to completely transform your core?

Fear of what he might require of me if I completely let go.  To some extent, I’m also a people pleaser, so I think I’m allowed unreasonable expectations I’ve placed on myself, (whether real or imagined), to hold me back.  This is really just another fear: fear of man.  And if I fear man then I’m really committing idolatry because I’m giving more power to those around me than to my Savior.

Listen & Pray: JESUS, as I learn to exercise my spiritual core muscles, may I draw strength and nourishment from You, as my “roots go down deep into the soil of [Your] marvelous love.”